In Case You Missed It (1/21/16)

Why fiber may trump everything else when it comes to gut health – My mom has been saying this for nearly a decade. Apple + Tree <3

10 food myths that are hurting your kids – “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says children, depending on age and activity, should eat one to three cups of vegetables every day (and nine out of 10 American kids don’t get enough).”

Sugar is Satan's favorite substance  ;)

What’s New in the Dietary Guidelines – “The new guidelines can be confusing, containing what seems like conflicting messages and bowing, in some cases, to industry pressures, especially with regard to meats…According to the findings of countless large studies, much of what is produced on American farms ends up as foods that can undermine health. The most blatant example is red meat, especially processed meats that are high in potentially health-robbing saturated fat and salt. Although the agencies’ advisory committee initially sought a recommendation to cut back significantly on such foods, which are associated with an increased risk of cancer as well as heart disease, this advice was deleted from the final guidelines following vehement protests from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, an industry trade group, and its supporters in Congress….Yet the new guidelines come down hard on added sugar, much of which Americans consume via soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks. They suggest limiting added sugars to less than 10 percent of daily calories, which will be easier to accomplish once the Food and Drug Administration’s proposed label change to list added sugars separately from naturally occurring sugars takes effect. It is not the natural sugar in dairy foods and fruits that undermine health so much as the sugars added to foods like ice cream and fruit drinks and the enormous array of dessert and snack foods that Americans consume. Economics clearly comes into play here. The sugar industry’s economywide annual impact is $19 billion, which may sound like a lot until you compare it with the meat and poultry industry – the largest segment of the country’s agricultural economy – which has a ripple effect that generates $64.2 billion a year. It is easy to see which has the strongest clout.”

New Guidelines Nudge Doctors to Give Patients Access to Medical Records – “The Obama administration is tearing down barriers that make it difficult for patients to get access to their own medical records, telling doctors and hospitals that in most cases they must provide copies of these records within 30 days of receiving a request. In theory, patients have long had a right to obtain copies of their records, but federal officials say they receive large numbers of complaints from consumers frustrated in trying to exercise that right.” Easy access to one’s own medical records is essential. It's not enough to know you're in the "normal range" for everything. Moreover, easy access promotes record sharing, which facilitates better integrative care from traditional and alternative healthcare providers because it enables everyone to be on the same page.

Food and the Single Girl – Healthy eating is an important element of self-care. For those who are not single, try to be a positive food influence on your partner.

‘Supplements and Safety’ Explores What’s in Your Supplements – Generally, when deciding whether to take supplements, ask your healthcare provider(s) for specific supplement and brand recommendations to ensure optimal benefits and quality. Specifically, algae-based DHA/EPA is a great alternative to fish oil.

When Athletes Go Gluten Free – “Gluten-free diets are increasingly popular in the fitness community. But a new, carefully designed study of the effects of gluten-free diets on athletic performance suggests that giving up gluten may not provide the benefits that many healthy athletes hope for…Of course, this study was small and short-term, with athletes following each diet for only a week. Whether avoiding gluten for a longer period of time would lead to verifiable improvements in performance or well-being remains unknown.”

What bike and run commuters need to know to keep it up through winter – “Using exercise to commute to work in chilly weather doesn’t need to be met with a cold shoulder. There are ways of making cycling and running to work safe and comfortable enough to become regular winter habits, leading to increased fitness and, best of all, the satisfaction of knowing you’re kind of a badass.”

Straddling Conventional and Alternative Cancer Treatment – I love that leaders in integrative medicine are finally getting mainstream attention.

Heartburn Drugs Tied to Kidney Problems – The moral of the story: Drugs have side effects.

‘Moonshot’ to Cure Cancer, to Be Led by Biden, Relies on Outmoded View of Disease – “Unlike in 1971, when President Nixon launched his cancer war, researchers now understand that cancer is not one disease but essentially hundreds. The very notion of a single cure — or as Mr. Obama put it, making ‘America the country that cures cancer once and for all’ — is misleading and outdated.” Why isn’t anyone talking about prevention?

Health Reform Realities – It must be a cold day in hell. The New York Time’s resident socialist has acknowledged that “Bernie Sanders is wrong…and Hillary Clinton is right.”

Anger and Scrutiny Grow Over Poisoned Water in Michigan City – The situation in Flint is a textbook example of the lack of regulatory oversight by the DOA and FDA. I wish politicians would stop arguing about guns for a second and notice that people are being poisoned by toxic food and water every day.

Protect Female Farmworkers – If you disregard the moral ills associated with your food, will your soul survive? Choose Fairtrade whenever possible.