Model Nutrition

Adriana Lima, Getty Images

Adriana Lima, Getty Images

Dr. Passler is a chiropractor/nutritionist in NYC. He's one of the go-to guys for weight loss in the fashion industry. Adriana Lima's promotion of his plan has led droves of models and aspiring fashionistas to visit his office. After reading about the experience of Elle's Senior Entertainment Editor, Justine Harman, I decided to visit Dr. Passler myself. 

He has some decent ideas...

But let me upgrade you...

Dr. Passler's diet isn't that bad for those who want to lose weight quickly and temporarily, which is basically what models do for fashion shows and photo shoots.  If you want to slim down for your wedding or a vacation, then visit him for a few weeks and stick to his plan (though, consider the modifications detailed above). However, the diet is not a healthy or sustainable lifestyle in the long term.

In the end, I don't hate my non-runway-ready body THAT much. Could I lose 5-10lbs and look even better? Yes, but I’m not willing to give up fruits and (pea)nut butter to get there.