In Case You Missed It (12/17/15)

Photo Credit: K. Wright, New Line Cinema

Photo Credit: K. Wright, New Line Cinema

Substantial contribution of extrinsic risk factors to cancer development - Environmental factors and lifestyle choices cause most cancer cases. Go vegan for your health and the environment (-> your health). 

Joke’s on us. American teeth are as bad as British teeth, study says. - 1) As I noted in Weekday Wonts, fluoride has a dark side. 2) Whole, plant-based foods are not only healthy for your insides, they are also optimal for your teeth and complexion. My skin has improved dramatically since I minimized the processed foods in my diet, and my dentist was very impressed with my plaque free teeth at my semi-annual visit. My secret? Vegetables!

10 ways to beat holiday stress with fitness and nutrition - Great healthy holiday tips!

A cheat sheet for talking to your kids about eating their vegetables - Excellent advice!

ClassPass is now giving money to fitness studios to expand – Class pass has been giving me the warm and fuzzies lately. They have the coolest office in our building. Not gonna lie, I feel a twinge of jealousy every time the elevator stops on their floor on the way up to my stereotypical banking cube.  Their workspace is full of bar-height meeting tables and comfy-looking work stations. Their fitness-friendly dress policy is also amazeballs! Moreover, I love companies that embrace the holiday spirit through pay it forward initiatives.

4 super-easy meditations for avoiding holiday freak-outs – Great suggestions for coping with holiday season stress!

Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Posture — and Your Mood – To counteract this issue, 1) try iPhone fasting or at least minimize your usage, and 2) hold your phone close to eye level to avoid hunching.

Maternal exposure to anti-depressant SSRIs linked to autism in children - Hey future moms, before you pop that Xanax, think about how depressed and anxiety-ridden you will be if you end up having an autistic kid.

FounderMade wants to make your brilliant wellness idea a business – This is an amazing opportunity for wellness entrepreneurs.

A vegan hazelnut “eggnog” recipe you have to try this holiday season – Delish!

After losing 200 pounds, app creator aims to turn monotonous exercise into fun – I’m not a big fan of all well-tech innovations, but this app actually sounds kind of fun!

New York Prisons Take an Unsavory Punishment Off the Table – The DOC is seriously replacing a veggie loaf with eggs, cheese, lunch meat, and coleslaw?! Factory farm lobbyists must be getting desperate – the general population is getting wise, so they are going to feed their poisonous products to prisoners. If that arrangement is not cruel and unusual, I don't know what is.