Mood & Motion

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Indulging in mood-based motion might help you maintain your fitness regimen.

Some people have a predominant mood - social butterflies are gregarious, loners are solitary, overachievers are zealous, free spirits are mellow. Other people are moodier. I, for one, can flip from amiable to aloof and back again over the course of a few hours. While striving to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, I discovered that I feel more motivated to exercise when I choose a mode that suits my mood at that moment.

Below are some suggestions for linking your mood and motion:

Tip: I have found that full-service gym membership has better enabled me to cater to my moods than did individual studio membership. I like that, in addition to cardio and weight training equipment, my gym offers various group exercise classes and personal training as well as facility amenities, like a lap pool, sauna, and steam room. ClassPass and BFX Studio memberships are also great options for those seeking mood-based variety.