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Artisana Raw Walnut Butter + Water + Cinnamon & Cucumbers

Artisana Raw Walnut Butter + Water + Cinnamon & Cucumbers

I truly love Artisana's raw nut butters. Unfortunately, at $15 a jar, they're pricey, even by yuppie standards. In order to make the scrumptious stuff go farther, I add nut butter and water in equal measures to a small bowl and stir until combined and creamy. The 1 to 1 ratio is ideal because the mixture maintains a relatively thick, spreadable consistency. I like to sprinkle cinnamon on top because cinnamon makes everything better. 

Angela Liddon, author of Oh She Glows, adds almond milk instead of water. Either way, if you stick to the recommended ratio, your nut butter will go a lot further without getting too soupy.

I personally prefer to mix as needed instead of making a big batch, like Angela Liddon suggests, because moisture accelerates rancidity. I also store my raw nut butter in the fridge, even though Artisana says refrigeration is unnecessary, because heat, too, speeds up rancidity. For more info, check out Natural News's nut storage tips.