Superfood Mocha

There are certainly pros and cons that each of us should consider before before downing a cup of joe. However, I consider coffee to be like wine - good (or at least not bad) in moderation, but inadvisable in excess. 

You've probably heard of bulletproof coffee,which was conceived by Dave Asprey after a trip to Mt. Kailash in Tibet. Asprey's bulletproof brew contains coffee with minimal mycotoxins, grass-fed unsalted butter, and Medium Chain Triglycerides ("MCT") oil. Many Paleo enthusiasts use ghee instead of butter. Vegans, like me, use coconut oil. 

I make a version of bulletproof coffee that is light on coffee and heavy on superfoods. I call it a Superfood Mocha. The splash of coffee gives me a subtle boost and the superfoods hold me over until lunch. 


  • Brew 2 shots  of espresso or 2oz of coffee. Due to the small amount needed, you will probably want to use one of the following brewing mechanisms: espresso makerfrench press, or slow-drip brewer.
  • In a coffee/spice grinder, grind the cocoa beans into a powder. Alternatively, you could use raw cocoa powder, but I prefer my cocoa freshly ground. 
  • Pour the almond milk into your frother and turn it on. If you don't have a frother, check out my alternative frothing instructions
  • Add the cocoa powder, coconut oil, cinnamon, and stevia (optional) to the frothing almond milk.
  • Once the almond milk is heated/frothed and the cocoa powder, coconut oil, and cinnamon are dissolved, add the espresso or coffee to the mixture.
  • Pour your latte into your favorite coffee cup or a 20oz travel mug, and enjoy!

My recipe is for a 20oz latte, or the size of a Venti at Starbucks. Interestingly, when you compare my Superfood Mocha to Starbucks's Caffè Mocha with  coconut milk and no-whip, my concoction crushes the competition:

  • 56 fewer calories - 264 in a Superfood Mocha as opposed to 320 in a Caffè Mocha.
  • 38 fewer grams of sugar - a Superfood Mocha has ZERO grams of sugar, whereas a Caffè Mocha has a whopping 38g. That's more than your 25g total daily allotment!
  • Antioxidants - the raw cocoa powder in a Superfood Mocha contains 800mg of antioxidants; the main ingredients in Starbucks's mocha syrup are beet syrup, corn syrup, and water, and the minimal amount of cocoa is processed with alkali, which destroys the antioxidants.
  • MCTs - a  Superfood Mocha is full of  MCTs (6,220mg of Lauric Acid, 640mg of Caprylic Acid, and 550mg of Capric Acid); Starbucks's coconut milk is "basically sugar water with emulsifiers and a little bit of coconut product" so the MCT content is minimal. 

Just think, in 10 minutes you could either: 1) make your own organic Superfood Mocha in the comfort and serenity of your own home, or 2) wait on line at a busy Starbucks to order your Caffè Mocha and then wait some more in a crowd of fellow customers until the barista gets to your drink.

Choose wisely.