Yuppie by trade, healthy by choice.

I know that, back in the '90s, the term "yuppie" was a derogatory name for young urban professionals, but that was back when I shopped at Limited Too. Millennials aren't as judgmental as Gen X-ers. My husband and I have an incredibly diverse array of friends - artists, techies, marketers, event planners, lawyers, teachers, public servants, and bankers. We all appreciate being young because, you know, YOLO! We're urban dwellers, inhabiting NYC, San Francisco, LA, Miami, St. Louis, DC, London, Austin, and Hong Kong. We're educated, hardworking individuals who are well respected in our various fields.  We're just trying to live the dream. 

In addition to being a yuppie, I am also incredibly passionate about health. My goal is to be an active supercentenarian. After years of reading and self-experimentation, I have stockpiled a hefty amount of health knowledge. The purpose of this blog is to share the health

I work in finance and love spreadsheets. For this blog, I plan to use charts and models to maximize relevant information and minimize unnecessary details. I figure my fellow yuppies will appreciate my concise approach to blogging.